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Influence Factors on the Dimensional Accuracy of the Mold Parts

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Influence Factors on the Dimensional Accuracy of the Mold Parts

Mould parts manufacturing tolerances
Thermoplastics, due to their specific behaviour (typically
have high elongation and elasticity), do not permit the close
tolerances that are specified for metals with their high
rigidity, low elongation and low elasticity.
For mold parts, the tool making tolerances are
important having a direct effect on the dimensional
tolerance of the part.
As an example, in an ordinary mould parts, for a mould
dimension of 30 mm manufactured to within ±0,0001 mm,
The designers play a key role not only in defining the
material and part design but also in determining the costs
of an injection-moulded part, and they must also ensure
commercially viable tolerance. For this, it is important to
avoid excessively close tolerances for plastic components
and to define the correct tolerance range of the final
product, that should not be as tight as possible but as tight
as necessary (fig. 1), and the following important factors
must be considered, [2] :
-tolerances in mould manufacturing ;
-additional tolerances given by processing method ;
-additional dimensional variations induced by the moulding conditions (mould design, parameters settings,
cooling conditions, part geometry) ;
-warpage due to mould shrinkage ;120 MATERIALE PLASTICE ♦ 45♦ Nr. 1♦ 2008
-it is also important to decide whether only a production
tolerance is required or whether an operating tolerance is
also necessary if the part dimensions are affected by
service environment (moisture, thermal expansion, contact
with chemicals).

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